Resources for Photo Booth Operators

Photo Booth Training Video

Photo Booth Troubleshooting

95% of issues with the camera, laptop, and/or printer can be resolved with the following steps:
1. Turn EVERYTHING off
2. Check and re-plugin in ALL connections
3. Turn everything back on

Photo Booth Troubleshooting Documents

General Troubleshooting Guide (Updated Most Often)

Darkroom Settings (Including Wrong Date & Name on Strip)

Darkroom Says Session Failed When Taking Photos

Lights on Front of Printer

How to Change the Ink

How to Change the Paper

How to Clear a Paper Jam

Printer is Printing the Wrong Size

Printer is Not Printing

Camera is Not Working (or is Reverting to Camera on Tablet or is Blurry)

Additional On the Job Troubleshooting 

In the event of a technical error while on the job, please use the above documents to diagnose and resolve the issue FIRST.

If you are still having issues while on an event, please call the Manager on Call at 609.618.5999. Do NOT text this number, as it does NOT receive text messages.