Resources for DJs

DJ / MC Video Portfolio Uploading

Instructions for uploading your DJ / MC portfolio videos

Instructions for Special Effects 

Projected Monogram

Ambient Lights

Dry Ice Machine (Dancing on the Clouds)

A/V Projector & Photo Montage

Indoor Sparkler Instructions and Safety

Other Recommended Equipment 

Recommended Retailers (normally ships to NJ within 1-2 days if in stock)

Recommended Ceremony Audio Equipment
1. Battery Powered Speaker
Recommended: Gemini ES-15TOGO Battery Powered Speaker with 15″ Woofer
2. Handheld & Lapel Microphone
Recommended: Shure BLX1288/CVL Dual Channel Combo Wireless System – Features BLX2 with PG58 and CVL Lavalier Microphone
3. Handheld Microphone Stand (make sure mic clip fits your microphone)
4. Tablet or Laptop (with backup)
Recommended: iPad or Microsoft Surface Pro – Do NOT use your cell phone for ceremony audio!
5. Cables
Recommended: Up to 50 feet of power cords, 6-8 feet RCA to 1/8in cable (using Bluetooth for ceremonies is NOT permitted)
6. Off Site Ceremony Battery
Recommended: Duracell Power DR600PWR Power Pack Jump Starter

Recommended DJ Facade
ProX XF-4X3048B Black Aluminum 4 Panel Scrim Facade