Service With Compassion Pledge

Service with Compassion Commitment

I, as an Enchanted Celebrations independent contractor pledge to always put the couple first amongst all of my priorities, personal and professional.

Event Preparation: When preparing for an event, I promise to review all event details thoroughly, and call the client on Monday evening, even if it is difficult for my schedule. When speaking to the client, I will put my best foot forward in being friendly, professional, and positive. I will confirm all event details and ask for clarification when needed.

Wedding Day Oath: On their wedding day, I will take a moment to remember that this is someone’s special once in a lifetime day. Throughout the day, I will reflect back to that moment when making professional decisions and use it to guide me to go above and beyond whenever possible.

I will constantly look for little things that I can do that will make the biggest difference in my service compared to other wedding professionals. I will use those little touches to set myself
apart and create even more special memories for the client. Throughout the day, I will reference the event details and keep the client apprised of my progress as well as continually asking if there is anything else I can do. I will be ‘overaccommodating.’

Photographer’s Promise: As a photographer, I will immediately upload my footage before Monday morning and submit the upload confirmation form of the details of my footage.

I will be proud of my service to the client and always remember to put the client first.